We are pleased to announce our Clinical Review this year in Five Element acupuncture. The review will be held in Solana Beach, California. This program will take place at the Courtyard Marriott.

The Clinical Review is the next step in improving your diagnostic and treatment skills in the Five Element system. We have organized this program to emphasize patient diagnosis, point location, pulse diagnosis and treatment organization. There will be new material presented including the archetypes for easier identification of the causative factor, as well as more precise questioning techniques of the Officials and Elements. The class size will have a maximum of 20, allowing Ron and I to give you close supervision and feedback. We will present more advanced treatment ideas and go into greater depth in discussing how to effectively follow your patients

This Clinical Review follows the successful program presented in previously. There was excellent feedback from this program in terms of improved clinical skills and confidence in reaching the correct diagnosis. There was also an enhancement of understanding of treatment patterns to simplify following the clinical course of the patient.

We have been asked by many of you to present further programs to enhance diagnostic and treatment skills and improve the comfort level with this approach. As you all have experienced, the clinical skills needed to be effective with Five Element treatment are not easily acquired and need reinforcement and refinement. Both Ron and I are dedicated to providing the opportunity to continue your growth with this incredible system. The Clinical Review program is designed to take you to the next step in your journey with Five Elements.

The program will include the following topics:

The program is open for you to bring your own patients for assessment and treatment. As you have seen from previous programs as well as your practice, the best learning experience often involves your own patients. We will be able to accommodate a limited number of patients from your practices, scheduled on a first come first served basis. If you want to bring a patient, please fax me a case summary including details of diagnosis and treatments and a brief medical history. Patients will receive two treatments at no cost and will have their CF confirmed by both Ron and I.

The tuition for this program is $1600. You may apply for 25 hours of continuing education credits from the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. These hours can be used to meet the requirement for membership status.

If you are interested in attending we require a deposit of $500 to hold your place. There will be a first come first served policy on enrollment, as well as patient participation. All checks are to be made out to FE Training Program. We cannot accept credit cards.

Dates: TBD
Location: Courtyard Marriott, Solana Beach, CA
Tuition: $1600 ($500 deposit with registration to guarantee enrollment.)
Accreditation: 25 hrs. continuing education from AAMA


Comments from previous Clinical Review attendees:

"I felt a quantum leap of improvement in my practice after the Clinical Review at Whidbey Island this past May. I took on five new cases in June and July - and these patients got better - really better - faster than any previous cases. I do believe I was better able to pick causative factor. I understood about blocks - and could better ascertain the pulses. My conceptualization of the treatment progression improved. I had more reasons to pick a greater variety of Spirit level points.
I am humbled again and again by this marvelous healing system. I am greatly encouraged to continue my training and practice."
Sharon Melnick, M.D.

"The Clinical Review offered by Ron and Chuck is superb. Their combined years of experience in both practicing and teaching is unparalleled by any other training program offered to physicians. In addition to a deeper understanding of the Officials, spirit of points and treatment planning, this program offers a venue for direct feedback regarding patient evaluation, point location and diagnosis of the causative factor.
Even more exciting is the opportunity this program provides to study and commune with other physicians who share the desire to learn the art of classical acupuncture and ensure it's healing legacy for future generations."
Diane McCormick, M.D.

"My patients tend to improve profoundly from this form of medicine and simultaneously I'm aware of a personal growth and satisfaction I have never before experienced. Chuck Moss and Ron Puhky are simply the best teachers that I have ever encountered, anywhere. They are enlightened mentors who nonjudgmentally encourage thei8r students to expand their skills as they lead the way for self-discovery."
Thomas C. Small, M.D.

"The Clinical Review training was superb. I found it to be an extremely intense experience. It was focused upon helping us to figure out CF in complicated patients and it made a big difference in how I evaluate and treat many patients now. Both my patients and I are more satisfied with the results. Five Element Acupuncture gives me a lot of joy! I'm looking forward to working with Chuck and Ron again."
Alice Brunecky, M.D.

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