Depth 1 Moxa 5-7

Wood, Horary 1 a.m.- 3 a.m., Entry

Lateral nail point of the big toe.

Function: Wood, Horary point. Entry point from Gall Bladder. Ting point. First
aid for unconsciousness. Regulates and tonifies Liver Qi and Blood, spreads Liver Qi, transforms Damp Heat, especially in Lower Burner. Contains the Blood.

Spirit of Point: Wood within Wood, it touches the deep essence of the Official, sending the Qi upward like the powerful first green shoots of spring. It gives focus to the Planning function of the Liver. It holds the energy and the intent for renewal and rebirth. It gives the Wood person a sense of how theyíre rooted and where theyíre headed (into the future); a sense of who they really are. Self esteem.

Indications: Metrorrhagia, uterine prolapse, one side of scrotum enlarged, hernia, pain in penis, headaches. Any problems in genital area. Enuresis, urinary tract infection. Likes to sleep; depression


Depth 3 Moxa 5-7

Fire, Sedation

On the dorsal surface of the foot, between the big toe and the second toe, just distal to the base of the proximal phalanx of the big toe.

Function: Fire point. Sedation point. Descends and diminishes the fire of the Liver. Cools blood heat, extinguishes Liver wind, subdues Liver yang, and calms excess anger and irritability.

Spirit of Point: Used to calm the Official, to bring it out of tension, frustration and constraint, into the ease and expansiveness of Fire. Compressed wood, leads to heat, spontaneous combustion and a type of fire that is pathological and out of controló the fire of fury. Using this point in sedation brings wood into the peace and expansion of the Sovereign Fire and the Shen. It brings a cool head and a calm heart. It clears and softens the eyes. The name of the point conveys the idea of moving forward smoothly and adaptively through lifeís obstacles, the Official aware, but at ease.

Indications: Hysteria, epilepsy, angers easily, insomnia, headaches. Eyes red and painful, throat dry and irritated, menorrhagia, hypertension, genital pain, constipation


Depth 3 Moxa 3-7

Earth, Source

On the dorsal surface of the foot, in the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones.

Function: Earth point. Grounds the Wood to give it stability. Source point, connects with the upsurging power of the Official creating movement of Qi and blood of entire system. In traditional terms it subdues Liver yang and clears Liver fire and wind, and descends rebellious Qi. Itís tonifying function is to spread and regulate the Qi and blood, invigorate the Official, and ease pain. It removes stagnation and frustration and calms anger. It benefits the tendons and muscles.

Spirit of Point: Also known as "Happy Calm", this point has very powerful regulating effects on the smooth movement of energy at all Levels and in all the Officials. It brings a balance, tuning the Official either up or down as needed, a flexible adaptability to all situationsó the skilled and powerful General that acts for the benefit of the whole kingdom. Again, as the source point it contains the archetype for the successful action and function of the Official. As the Earth points its roots and grounds the Official, giving it nourishment, stability, and its context as being part of the integrity of the whole system. This point holds the energy and vision for new beginnings, new hope, and new possibilities, projects and manifestations. As such, it is powerful in resolving stagnation and easing frustration and anger.

Indications: Can be used like XI 36 and X 4, one of the four General Energy points. Headache, sinus problems, eyes painful, cannot see clearly, dry and stuck throat, abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, constipation, chest and ribs full and painful, mastitis and lactation problems, frequent sighing, depression, insomnia, hypertension, detoxifies Liver from effects of drugs and alcohol. Relieves all spasms in muscles.


Depth 4 Moxa 3-5


At the anterior flexure of the ankle, between the tendons of the tibialis anterior and the extensor hallucis longus.

Function: Controls and regulates the Liver. Detoxifies Liver.

Spirit of Point:
Brings the controlling aspect of Metal to an over exuberant Wood Official. Acts like a good pruning to both control and reinvigorate the Wood. Brings it into balance, reducing chaos and confusion. It also supplies the quality of metal for healthy growth and development of the Wood. Trace minerals and nutrients are essential for this and are found in the Metal. Also, the quality of Metal brings ability to let go. A person may need to let go of anger and grudges to move forward in growth.

Indications: Impotence, jaundice, male and female genital problems. Abdominal swelling


Depth 3 Moxa 3-7


On the medial surface of the leg, 6 cun proximal to the prominence of the medial malleolus, posterior to the edge of the tibia.

Function: Connects with Gall Bladder Official. Has a direct effect on external genitalia and anus. Tonifies Liver yin and blood and resolves damp heat.

Spirit of Point:
Balances and equilibrates with itís paired Official, the Gall Bladder. Wood Element in particular needs balance and always make sure the pulses and functions of these two Officials are even. The point is also used to purify and detoxify the Liver. Brings it in touch with the Gall Bladder, the Official in charge of the pure essence.

Lower abdomen swollen, difficult to flex knee, pruritis of scrotum and anus, vaginal discharge, genital pain, nervousness and depression


Depth 6 Moxa 3-5

Water, Tonification
On the medial surface of the knee, posterior to the medial condyle of the tibia; close to the extremity of the crease formed when the knee is flexed.

Tonification point. Ho point. Water brought to Wood Official. Cools and Moistens the Official and drains the Liver fire. Enhances the yin and softens and moistens the tendons and ligaments, and joints. Strengthens the knee.

Spirit of Point:
Wood canít grow or function without Water. Feeds and strengthens, cools and invigorates the Official. Allows Wood to be flexible, strong and adaptable. Great for anger and the fear that often underlies it. Use when body and mind are brittle and stuck; they canít handle more than one thing at once. Flexibility to move around obstacles in life.

Pains, swelling, redness of joints. Benefits knee. Headaches, all eye troubles. All genital problems and discharges, urinary problems. Emotional indications: fear, anger, indecision, irritability, jealousy, depression. All troubles with muscles, tendons, joints, especially stiffness and pain


Depth 4 Moxa 5-7


Located at the lower edge of the thoracic cage, at the level of a horizontal line that runs between CV 11 and CV 12, (mark these points out first).

Exit point of Liver. Front Mu point and Alarm point. Meeting point of Liver and Spleen. Regulates the Liver; expands and relaxes the chest; expidites and facilitates lactation.

Spirit of Point: Draws on the expanded vision of this Official to see the big picture and the progress that has been made, like a Window of the Sky. Gives a focus and a goal to Official when confused and in despair. It gives hope and insight to Liver Planner; allows the person to really see how they are doing and where they need to go; the seeds of their life and work, growing towards a potential harvest.

Anger, depression, frequent sighing. Digestive problems; harmonizes Liver and Spleen. Mastitis, lactation problems. Chest-diaphragm distended, coughing, vomiting.

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