The syllabus we have created to support the training of physicians in Five Element Acupuncture is unique. Very little of this acupuncture system has been put in writing over the years, with most of the teaching done in an oral tradition. We have undertaken to organize this information in written form to facilitate the teaching of the system.

The syllabus covers a basic introduction to the concepts unique to Five Element acupuncture including Officians, Elements, Blocks, Levels of Illness and the Spirit of the points. These ideas are the core of this unique system of healing and are not emphasized in TCM or other acupuncture systems. The Five Element Acupuncture Physician Training Program training program uses the syllabus in combination with videotapes to support the classroom and clinical experience to provide a complete learning environment.

Following are selected parts of the syllabus.

Table of Contents

Wood Element

Pulse Diagnosis

Liver Points

Graphs of Correspondences